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Next concerts in 2021

New videos

Concert for piano and orchestra "Acertijos de Marfil" by Hilda Paredes. Mexican premiere: 16/02/2020 OFUNAM (Mexico). Massimo Quarta, cond.

Dolcissimo, "In termini estremi nº1" for piano and electronics (2018) by Carlos D. PERALES

Adagissimo, In termini estremi, nº3 (2019), for piano and electronics by Carlos D. Perales.

Premiere of Disparate Femenino by Arturo FUENTES in the Sala Netzahualcoyotl of the UNAM (Mexico City)

Inoltre by Javier TORRES-MALDONADO. Concert at Sala Netzahualcoyotl of the UNAM (Mexico City)

Tortured vinyl by Jesús NAVARRO, included in the CD-DVD e-piano_video&electronics


Pochissimo, "In termini estremi nº4" for piano and electronics (2020) by Carlos D. PERALES. An electric work, full of energy and with a spark of humour. One more gift from Carlos Perales to the piano world.

Our recording "Fin du Temps", with José Luis Estellés, Aitzol Iturriagagoitia and David Apellániz and with the masterful sound recording of Paco Moya, is constantly receiving recognition in most of the magazines dedicated to classical music in Europe. First recording of Takemitsu's Quatrain in Spain and one of the only ones in the world. Together with Messiaen's monumental Quartet.

Legatissimo, "In termini estremi nº2" for piano and electronics (2019) by Carlos D. PERALES

The recording we made with Alejandro Bustamante and Lorenzo Meseguer of Felix Mendelssohn's trio op. 66 and Fanny Mendelssohn's op. 11 as well as several of Fanny's works for violin or cello and piano will be released soon.

October 18, 2021. Liceo Theatre of Salamanca. Concert with José Luis Estellés, Aitzol Iturriagagoitia and David Apellániz with Takemitsu's Quatrain and the Quartet for the end of Messiaen's time.

11 April 2011, 19:30h. National Auditorium of Music in Madrid. "Afternoon of theatre with music on the radio" with works by Ravel, Poulenc, Weill, Bernstein, Britten... With Laia Falón, José Luis Estellés, Aitzol Iturriagagoitia, David Apellániz and Marín Llade.

5 th August 2021. University of Chile Theatre. Piano recital with works by Bartók, Kurtág and Ligeti in the Cycle of pianists of the Universidad de Chile.

Cassini's Dream from the V book of "Metaludios" by Gustavo DÍAZ-JEREZ. It is a fascinating work in which the electronics are taken from the radio waves that the Cassini probe obtained from the rings of Saturn. The piano, on this occasion, colours the electronic part creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Production between Mexico, Argentina and Spain that we made during the month of August 2020. The beautiful music of Las Pupilas de la Luna is by my dear friend Georgina DERBEZ (2020) and is combined with stunning photographs of "Las Horas Negras" (2012) by Patricia ARIDJIS masterfully mounted in a video designed by Sebastián TORRELLA R. and edited by Cristian ROSSI.

Non linear recurrences (2017) from the II book of "Metaludios" by Gustavo DÍAZ-JEREZ. In this pieces confronts, through the electronic part, the tempered tuning of the piano (12ET) with that of an imaginary piano tuned in the Bohlen-Pierce scale (13ET). This overlapping of tunings gives rise to a series of "interferences" that are produced when the two pianos, the real and the electronic one, collide. And all this combined with the use of a neodymium magnet that is used in various ways on both the mid and low strings of the piano.

Tangible (2011 2012) for piano, electronics and video Raquel GARCÍA TOMÁS, music Pere GINARD, video. The musical microcosm generated by the union of piano and electronics is mirrored in the equally ephemeral images, and this time it is the video that is integrated with the music, achieving a unique fusion.

Disparate Volante (2009), Arturo FUENTES for piano, video&electronics Alberto ROSADO, piano Recorded in 2015 at the Teatro Liceo, in Salamanca (Spain). Emmanuel FLORES, video-art Santi BARGUÑÓ&Hugo ROMANO, music production and sound Sevi ASENSI, light-design/Film Hugo LOUIS, video editing/camera Guillermo PÉREZ&Serafín GONZÁLEZ, cameras